Jeanette Huss and Suzanne Hult own Huss & Hult Hälsoakademi AB and run SAIAN® Academy located in Lerum.


They offer product training and training in SAIAN signature facials, products & machines.


As certified massage therapists and with a background in health care, education and training, Jeanette and Suzanne have dived into health, skin care & beauty.

They met in the end of 2014 and have since been digging deep in the health and beauty world in the pursuit of clean, natural and active products for health and beauty. After a lot of searching around the world, they found SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care - the purest, professional and most active skin care they could find on the market.


They spent summer of 2015 in North Hollywood with Dasha Saian who trained them to be SAIAN® Master Trainers and they became general agents for the skin care in Europe.


Since then, Jeanette & Suzanne has worked on getting the line approved in the EU, translated all product information, training materials for classes and courses, marketed the brand on social media and opened their health academy by the end of 2015.


They offer facials, body treatments, nail treatments and training in SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care, Health Care Massage, Aromatherapy and Nail Care.


They have also initiated a collaboration with True Life in Falköping, trained to become True Life Health Advisors, and now offer QRMA frequency analyzes, dietary advice and thermography screenings.


They are passionate about alternative, natural treatments, education, raw food, diet and health.


"Health & beauty, from the inside out"

SAIAN® was founded by Margarita Saian who moved to The USA from Moscow in 1992 with $20 in her pocket. She studied esthetics and mesotherapy in the United States as well as in France. In addition to being a Licensed Esthetician, Ms. Saian was a CMA/Cardiac

Technician, National Certified Phlebotomy Technician, Certified ECG, and Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant


She founded SAIAN® in 2006 and worked in the beauty business for 20 years and became world-renowned and state-certified educator, Ambassador of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) and had the honor of training skin care professionals, nurses, and doctors worldwide.


As well-known specialists Margarita and Dasha created SAIAN®, a unique skincare line that focuses on the problems of acne and premature aging.


Margarita actively practiced a healthy lifestyle, and was an avid advocate of natural living, positive thinking, and endless



She was constantly researching new ways to raise industry standards, and improve the product line!


Margarita passed away in September of 2015 leaving behind a legacy. We miss her so much!


The main SAIAN® office is based in North Hollywood, California and is owned by Dasha Saian, who is the CEO. Dasha gives lectures and classes internationally and regularly contributes to global trade publications.


SAIAN® SAIAN® offer a broad spectrum of professional grade clinical paraben-free skincare products, tools, handheld innovative equipment, and supplements to promote total health and beauty!Their workshop classes and seminars promote a well-rounded educational curriculum encompassing topical treatments, equipment knowledge, ingredient knowledge, exercises for facial and whole body rejuvenation, and nutrition.


SAIAN® is committed to producing superior quality, highly concentrated, ingredient-dense skincare products which deliver dramatic instant and cumulative results!


The company's professional products are known for their dramatic results, and since 2007, they have helped many professional Skin Care Therapists to improve the results of the treatments for their clients and in that way have a competitive advantage in the industry.


SAIAN® specializes in the most advanced natural hypoallergenic anti-aging, anti-hyperpigmentation, and acne products containing no artificial color, no artificial fragrance, no propylene glycol, and no parabens.


The products are recommended by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Skin Care Professionals, and Medspas for use on the most sensitive skin. The advantage of working with SAIAN® clinical products is the benefit of superior hands-on training and in-depth educational program. Always on the leading edge, SAIAN® continues to develop innovative, results-driven skin care, and makes itavailable to consumers in the US and now in Europe through SAIAN Academy in Sweden.


Always on the leading edge, SAIAN® continues to develop innovative, results-driven skin care, and makes it available to consumers in the US and abroad. We believe all women are beautiful, this is why we specialize in ethnic skin, which is often overlooked by the mainstream cosmetic industry. We encourage you to love and honor your complexion by using our finely-tuned products that repair the skin you have, and prevent premature aging!


You may notice that we don’t use paper boxes, and disposable paper packaging for our products – we believe in conserving our forests, and minimizing the use of paper, where possible. We also strongly encourage all of our clients to recycle their empty bottles and jars.


All of our natural ingredients are honestly displayed on all of the bottles and jars. This way you will always be able to see what ingredients are in the product.


We look forward to assisting all customers in Europe, and welcoming them into the SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care family!


If you are located in the United States and want to get information and training in SAIAN®, please visit the US headquarters. 7260 RADFORD AVE, NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605.

For more information visit

"The inspiration for SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care comes from our customers.

We are not just a skincare company, we are a lifestyle brand, dedicated to bringing you the best

in skincare, anti-aging supplements, ergonomic equipment, supplies and education. "


Dasha Saian


Huss & Hult Hälsoakademi AB

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