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Jeanette Huss & Suzanne Hult owns Huss & Hult Hälsoakademi AB & runs

SAIAN Academy in Lerum.

They are certified massage therapists and European agents for

SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Careand trained SAIAN® Master trainers.


Huss & Hult Hälsoakademi AB in Lerum offers classes in

SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care for spa and professional businesses.

We also offer classes in massage therapy, aromatherapy and nail care.

Since our classes are held in our location in Lerum,

we want to inform you about where you can stay in Lerum.

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Huss & Hult Hälsoakademi AB

Almekärrsvägen 3

443 39 LERUM

+46 737 04 64 37

+46 732 17 64 79



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