Professional& active skin care from Hollywood!

As well-known specialists, Margarita and Dasha Saian have created a unique skin care line

with active, botanical and marine extracts, developed to treat all types

of skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, dry skin, acne and premature aging. 


The products are manufactured in our own laboratories in the United States and France.

Some of the active ingredients are vegan low- & high molecular Hyaluronic Acid,

Argerline®, Matrixyl-3000®, Co Enzyme Q-10, Oxygen Plasma, SymPeptide®,

Stam Cells, Regu®-Age, Alpha-Arbutin, Adiposlim™, Adipoless™, Majestem™,

Idealift™ & Bio-Placenta Neuropeptide.

Ingredients that give dramatic results!


The benefit of working with SAIAN® Natural Clinical Skin Care

is the innovative signature treatments, the superior practical

and in-depth training and the fine treatment results.


Our products help the skin to stay healthy and is good for all skin types.

Those who have dry skin can use the same products as those with oily skin.

What makes this possible is the ability of active ingredients to increase cellular repair,

encourage collagen and elastin renewal, improve skin elasticity, texture and tone,

protect skin against free radicals, increase the skin's immune system,

reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles.


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