Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone

Skin Care Routine for pigmentation:


  1. Put on a hair band to get your face free of hair.


  1. Cleans your face with SAIAN Replenishing Cleanser. Apply a small amount of cleanser in your hands and use circular movements. Remove cleanser with warm water.


  1. Add SAIAN Restoring Mask in a thin layer on the entire face. Allow the mask to work for at least 15 minutes or leave it overnight. This mask is used 1-2 times a week. Varie with SAIAN Enzyme Mask 1-2 times a week. Apply the mask with a Mask Brush and let the mask work under a damp towel or in a bath / shower for about 8-10 minutes.


  1. Remove the mask with lukewarm water. If you have large pores, the Enzyme mask may get stuck in the pores and you may need to remove the mask by using a cleanser. If it is difficult to remove the Enzyme mask, use SAIAN Replenishing Cleanser or SAIAN Botanical Lipid Cleanser to remove the mask.


  1. Spray the face with SAIAN Collagen Elastin Spray.


  1. Apply SAIAN Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum to the entire face and follow with SAIAN Amino Lift Leave On Mask and SAIAN Replenishing Creme if more moisture is desired.


  1. Use SAIAN Skin Pro II or SAIAN FirmAge RF machine to bring the active ingredients deeper into the skin, increase skin's own collagen production, and get a natural lift, tone and rejuvenated appearance.


  1. Finish off with SAIAN Sunscreen Mist if you are going to out in the sun.


  1. Repeat point 5-8 every morning!


Uneven Skin Tone


Signs of uneven skin tone::

  • stains of pigment
  • sunspots on the sides of the face, throat and hands
  • irregular pigmentation


Possible causes of hypertension with uneven skin tone:

  • chemical substances
  • ack of essential fatty acids
  • excessive sunbathing
  • medication
  • hormonal changes, menopause and pregnancy
  • vitamin C & A deficiency
  • people with red hair are most susceptible to UV damage - protect yourself when in the sun!


Eat a good diet rich in vegetables and fruits, drink a lot of water to hydrated from the inside out. Increase your blood circulation through exercise. Be sure to breathe properly to oxygenate your cells. Avoid stress!

Replenishing Cleanser


Botanical Lipid Cleanser


Restoring Mask


Enzyme Mask


Collagen Elastin Spray


Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Clinical Strength Eye Serum


Active Renewal Creme


Amino Lift Leave on Mask


Sunscreen Mist


Skin Pro II


FirmAge RF




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